Walk a mile in your shoes….

8h shoes for an 8h lifestyle. We are always on the go but how can we remain stylish for more than four hours? How can we avoid the “Do I still have a cute walk?” at the end of the day. Well, it’s really simple choose the right shoes that fits the time frame you need and it’s okay to have a pair of matching hiden flats, (we all do it, we just like to appear to be the queen of stealths) and having a variety of stylish choses never hurts…. promise, I’ll never tell.

Now… Let’s work on getting your feet from hurting to to perfect.

1- know your feet.
What is the type of your feet? No one style ever fits all, the more knowledge you have about your feet the happier your day will be. Are the wide or narrow, flat or has an arch, are they rectus, supinated or pronated…. o_0? I know, sounds a bit much but not really.

image image

image image

2- Know your shoe styles.
With choice varieties from wedges (one of my personal favs), stilettos (aka sex appeal), platforms (born in the 70’s), pumps (great for body mass), peeptoes (great for a fresh pedi), mary janes (very school girl), flats (aka comfy day) and more.

image image image



3- Know the hight angle of your heels.
One thing to keep in mind heels + gravity = outch after four hours even if your name is feather, so to avoid that I find it very helpful to lay out my shoes and outfit for the week according to the amount of hours I have to work or what I have planned, whether it be going to the movies, out dancing or a date. At the end of the day I know for sure that I won’t be tapping out but ready for round two.

image image image

image image image

image image image
After all the perfect shoes makes all the difference taking an outfit from drag to red carpet FABULOUS.


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