Basic Rules for a successful wardrobe

As i seat back wishing i was in my closet, my Chilaxing spot watching runwayshows, what’s Hot/Not and the endless list of Who Wore it best, I felt the need
to do a review on how to get one step closer on becoming a Fashion Icon
Regardless of your income because Fashion knows no limits.Just a touch up but listen close.KNOW YOUR BODY SHAPEIt’s not just for brides, knowing how your body’s shaped has a great influence on how you shop whether you’re a pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, apple or a hourglass figure with the right cut your shape will be

celebrated.KNOW YOUR SIZEStop wishing for a size that you’re not and embrace the size you are. Get fitted! Getting the proper fit that celebrates your curve or enhance your shape requires the proper size and a trip to your local alteration specialist would be a great idea.


On my quest on becoming a Fashion Designer I held many jobs as a fashion consultant I’ve seen my share of undergarments for which I wish i had an expiration stamp or award…. Yes you are the breakroom topic and if we could take a picture we would have.


“That’s the perfect color”, Yes it’s pretty on the model with the sunset skin tone gained from laying on a remote beach all summer. She’s doing her job which is making you want it. Remember This is an investment in your wardrobe so do a color test, go to your favorite fashion store and find an item that’s available in many colors ( t-shirts and scarves are the best), choose one that you love the fit(t-shirt), pattern(scarf) then try it on in every color while taking pictures, having a shopping mate is always a plus both as a second set of hand and brain. If possible Purchase all loved colors that would serve as a color divider hanging in your closet or folded in your storage draws. Best time for all the colors would be beginning of spring  I spotted many styles and fits at Forever 21 for $6.50 each ;)…. love to save.


Fashion is an expression of art and mood of the designer, why would you want to limit yourself to just one voice. Merge yourself to the pass while indulging in the present because the future although wildly anticipated and will always remain uncertain.


A fashionista knows how to step out of the crowd with all the right notes. To be on every guest list requires a little effort and home work, play the Matching game with your separates… always take pictures, your phone is great for that. Mix colors, Shapes and textures but approach mixing patterns with caution because that’s where many have failed. Always find out in advance what dress code is expected not what everyone is wearing so you can do the same WE’RE HUMANS NOT ROBOTS just be you :), don’t dress down to please someone else (brides and birthdays are excused).


You should get to know all your cloths from colors, texture, prints, cuts and care label because with that knowledge your fashion style will only increases while becoming a Fashion Icon.


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