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Petals In The Breeze

Originally posted on Webner House:
The flowering trees in our neighborhood are beautiful, but they are losing their petals with every gentle gust of spring breeze.  Be careful as you walk and talk — you might end up with a mouthful.

Walk a mile in your shoes….

8h shoes for an 8h lifestyle. We are always on the go but how can we remain stylish for more than four hours? How can we avoid the “Do I still have a cute walk?” at the end of the day. Well, it’s really simple choose the right shoes that fits the time frame you … Continue reading

Basic Rules for a successful wardrobe

   As i seat back wishing i was in my closet, my Chilaxing spot watching runwayshows, what’s Hot/Not and the endless list of Who Wore it best, I felt the need to do a review on how to get one step closer on becoming a Fashion Icon Regardless of your income because Fashion knows no limits.Just a touch … Continue reading